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Burn baby burn!

Part two of our "how to stain bamboo" two part epic blog is finally here and this time it involves fire!

Step 1 - Do you even like coffee?

Burning a stain into your bamboo makes a lovely dark coffee colour but be careful not to burn too much as this hot tip is pretty permanent.

Step 2 - Holey moly

Heating bamboo can create a lot of pressure and crack your poles. Drill holes in each section of bamboo to alleviate the pressure. You dont need to make it look like a slice of edam just a few small holes will do.

Step 3 - Getting toasty

Now its time to get out the handheld blowtorch and toast the bamboo gently like a fine creme brulee. Work up and down evenly in 6 inch sections turning the bamboo as needed until your desired colour is achieved. Finish with a wax paste to give it a nice shine.

That's all folks!

Now you've finished please wait before using the bamboo. Bamboo can get very hot and retain heat for longer than you might expect. As always be careful and use the appropriate safety gear.

I wrote this blog just before lunch time which may explain all the food and drink references.

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