Click the images below to buy bamboo poles and canes

Bamboo Poles

Our range of bamboo poles in wider widths ranging from 20mm diameter up to 160mm diameter. CLICK HERE

Bamboo Canes

Our range of bamboo canes in thinner widths ranging from 10mm diameter up to 20mm diameter. CLICK HERE

Large bamboo

Our largest diameter poles from 80mm ranging to 160mm. CLICK HERE

Split Bamboo

Our range of split bamboo poles in a veriety of sizes and diameters. CLICK HERE

Bamboo fencing

Beautiful bamboo fences in various diameters, lengths and hights. CLICK HERE

Bamboo slats

Bamboo Slats part machined in 6ft or 8ft lengths, 40-45mm diameter. CLICK HERE

Black bamboo

Naturally dark bamboo in various diameters. CLICK HERE

Tonkin bamboo

Tonkin bamboo canes in 6ft or 8ft lengths and 20mm to 35mm diameter. CLICK HERE

Speckled bamboo

Speckled bamboo is a mixture of dark and light colours, available in various sizes. CLICK HERE

Bamboo Twine

bamboo fibre twine CLICK HERE