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We’re entering an age where learning and gaming go hand in hand, waving goodbye to the video nasties controversies of the 90s and saying hello to a more mature form of learning in the digital world. Even if you don’t become great friends right away, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get along with your new roomie. This process might require some adjustment on your part. To that end, figure out how your roommate likes to spend their time and make a few symbolic gestures that accommodate their preferences.

What are you playing?

But the games you play could be a prime indicator of the type of college degree you’re looking for. w who your roommate is, make contact with a phone call, text or on social media. Coordinate dorm items, chat about your likes and dislikes, and even talk about expectations you might have when living together. Knowing your roommate before you arrive on campus will help you feel less alone, giving you at least one friend to hang with during the first few days on campus.

It’s no secret that different types of videogames are played by different types of people, like the separation between jocks, geeks, preps and cheerleaders in high school. Not only are they closing the door to high school, but they are opening the door to a new adventure. Most college students will tell you their college experience shapes who they are and it’s where they make lifelong friends. Before you step into a new life, do some simple preparation and your transition will be much easier.

Those who love loud, shooty-bang-bang games like Call of Duty will invariably be drawn to those adrenaline-pumping, hands-on vocations like Engineering or even being a surgeon. Here are four activities you can do with your child to promote academic success early on in his or her life. By helping your child develop a strong mind early on, you’ll be setting him or her up for many future academic and collegiate successes.

Some people will love to build worlds, playing games like SimCity or Black & White, and might want to assignment help website on turn their passion for structures and society into a degree like Architecture, Civic Planning or Civil Engineering.

Gamers who love nothing more than hoofing a ball into the back of the net on Pro Evo can head online and participate in a football degree via distance learning (the virtual learning environments (VLE) of distance learning are a perfect example of how gamified learning is becoming, as the progression through modules mimics level design).

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