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In many professions, scaling up or down using computers or pantographs is one of the most important activities.

For many families, the procedure for redecorating is to measure the floor plan of the room accurately, choose a suitable scale and transfer the information to a sheet of paper - . The door and windows are drawn into this floor plan. Now the floor plans of all the furniture in the room can be drawn to the same scale and cut out. The models for the furniture are arranged on the sketch until you are satisfied with the design of the room.

Furniture stores offer the design of rooms with the help of computers as a service. The original dimensions are automatically displayed in a reduced size. The customer can, for example, see the entire kitchen in front of him. You can also buy the corresponding software for your PC at home.

In many professions, scaling down or enlarging templates with the help of computers or pantographs is one of the most important activities - geometry problem solver . Architects design entire houses on the drawing board. All specifications, e.g. windows, doors, electrical connections, must be entered exactly to scale in the drawings.

Archaeologists transfer their find sites to scale drawings and draw the location of each find in these illustrations. To do this, a frame with a grid is placed over the excavation site - . At the same time, the location of each find is marked on a reduced-scale drawing in a kind of coordinate system.

Goldsmiths transfer scaled-down lettering onto rings or goblets. Ballpoint pens are also inscribed by reducing a given lettering.

Maps are always scaled down. The first number indicates the length on the map (image length). The second number indicates the length in reality (original length). How accurate a map is is determined by its scale.

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